The EliteSingles always have something that can give us the knowledge we need when it comes to dating. There are a lot of pressures around that we might be left confused when we try to fight it. We want to do the right thing but it seems our peers make it hard for us to do so. What we have to do is to be firm to fight off their pressure and really make decisions that matter to us personally. We always have that feeling like we want to date someone and we might be having that feeling of something special to someone. This is the kind of pressure that could be so hard to fight against. Especially when we have friends who are already dating too, the fight could be even harder and we also have to battle with our own emotions. We might get caught off guarded so that is why we have to stay on our guard and on look out for this kind of circumstances. We do not want to make a hasty decision about this or else we will reap painful consequences at the end. As early as possible, let us protect ourselves for such kind of hurtful endings by starting at the right way. 

- Rufus Picton