Many teenagers get curious about what dating is really like and they can find help when they visit Girls are especially curious about who to date and when to date. They often feel the pressure of dating and they are pressured to do all the best they can to be able to date someone special. They worry a lot when a boy does not like them and they would worry about it as many times as they possibly would. Even pretty girls have problems of their own when it comes to dating boys. Even those who have good looks and smart and even with the nice personality, they can still feel insecure at times and would feel inferior and would think that they are not likeable at all. Even with their pretty looks, many boys would still toy at their feelings. Why is that so? Many girls would die to find out the secret to being attractive forever. They might even search for the things that might make them unattractive to avoid spoiling the moment. Everybody wants to know the secret of being attractive without looking too obvious. There would be many ways, in fact, and it would not be that easy. We just have to take one step at a time. 

- Rufus Picton