At the first part of planning about our new home, we should not neglect include Christchurch landscaping in it. This part, even if it is at the end of the construction phase, is a major factor of what will our home would look like.


Even if we did not have any single idea about landscaping, we must do all we can to think about what we want our yard to look like. There is more to just choosing what kind of plants we like and what kinds of plants we want to put in our garden. We have to expose our creative side so that we would be able to create a beautiful design whether at the facade or at the backyard of our new home or property.


Sure, we can find a lot of tips and advices out there on how we can create a beautiful landscape but when we would think about it carefully, it would still boil down on choosing the right plant and put it in its rightful place. It is not only about what we prefer but it is about compatability and how the plants will thrive on the kind of land that we have. 

- Rufus Picton